Cava Licious CLIP

Glitter, Glamour and Shine :-)
We are proud to present our very first Cava Licious movie clip!
It's a short video, but we hope that it gives you a better idea of what Cava Licious stands for.
We would like to thank our friends and family, and all other contributors. You guys rock! (direction & script) (Make-up)
Good on Heels - L'histoire de Roo - Roosen fashion (Clothing)
Phil Tubbax (Pictures)


Check out the result here !

A glass of dirty water @ Prowein 2013

Cava Licious attends the Prowein 2013 fair, from 24 to 26 march at Duesseldorf, Germany.
A professional fair, with a focus on 'tasting'.
At the exposition booth of Cava Licous, we will offer a sip of DIRTY WATER, for free! 
There is a wide range available: Diarrhea, Cholera, Botulism and Dysentery.
Because... This is the sad reality for milions of people in the world today!

Or would they prefer our GLAMOROUS bubbles?

We hope to concour the harts of many people with our delicious bubbles, and create more awareness about the problem of unclean drinking water in third world countries.
Luxury and solidarity can go hand in hand!
B Glamorous - B Generous.

dirty water


Cava Licious in VIVABOX!

What Woman Want? Cava Licious bubbles of Course! Now available in Vivabox.
What do we offer?
1 bottle Cava Licious of every variety (Lounge, Sweet & Lolita), a glamorous icebucket & free delivery at home.
Order your Vivabox online.
Vivabox 2012

Winner Party Box contest juni 2012

Congratulations Fien Roosen! After taking part in the contest on Facebook every month, you now win a Party Box worth 250 euro with this delicious picture. Cava Licious with strawberries, who can resist such a nice summer cocktail?

Fien Roosen

Cava Licious donates 10.274 euro to

For the second year in a row, Cava Licious donates part of her revenues to This is a US based NGO, commited to providing safe water and sanitation to people in third world countries. A special thanks from Goele and Monique to all Cava Licious customers!



Cava Licious Summer Contest

If it itches, you have to... SCRATCH!!!

If you drink a Cava Licious during summertime in Belgium, you will receive a lottery ticket. This ticket gives you the chance to win one of the 100 free bottles that go out during the summer months. You can read the full regulations here.


Winner of the Party Box May 2012

Every month, you can win a Cava Licious Party Box worht 250 euro. This Party Box contains at least 24 bottles of Cava Licious and even more nice party goodies. Want to join the contest? Check our Facebook page, where this contest runs.
Congrats to Carlo Sannen. With this picture of a 'message in a bottle' he is the proud new owner of our May Party Box!

Carlo Sannen




Cava Licious Lounge has been selected by the 2012 Wineguide as 1 of the best bubbles!

wijnkoopgids 2012

The judgement of the Jury:
'Cava with a message: did you ever had that in your glass? Behind this sparkling wine, that is not only trendy looking, a modern concept is hiding: for every sold bottle, a part of the profit goes straight to a good cause, projects that invest in clean drinking water. Drinking bubbles and quench thirst of the poor is of course fantastic, at least under the condition that the content of the bottle is not only ‘ethical’ but most of all has a good taste. And also this is the case, in our flûte there is an intense ripeyellow wine with little belles that slowly push through to the surface. A rather rich sense of pear, appel and lemon grass, but much more ripe in texture and a little higher dosed in the mouth, with again fruity impressions of pear. Without a doubt a ‘crowd pleaser’, perfect as aperitive.

This wineguide 2012 by Frank Van der Auwera is for sale at every Standaard Boekhandel in Flanders.



Innovation award - Horeca Expo 2011




Innovators are chosen by an independant jury of professional in the different branches of Belgian Horeca (hotels, restaurants and bars).



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